Google Home, Pixel, and the Future of Search

NOTE: an edited version of this post has also been published on the company blog of Bruce Clay, Inc. as “How to Optimize for Google Home NOW”.

ICYMI, on October 4th, Google held a press conference that felt like their take on a muted Apple product launch; in lieu of the latter’s trademark dramatic blacks and sleek silvers, we had shades of bamboo and eggshell, and each presenter was dressed in that NorCal blend of comfy-but-costly hiking/laid-back-office attire; they all went by first names only, and amidst a smattering of slickly-presented data, launched several new products. (For a full run-down of the new products, you can check out

The star of the show was undoubtedly the new Google Pixel phone; a quick comparison of the new products’ search volume on Google Trends shows that interest in the phone far outstrips everything else, with nearly seven times the search volume of Google Home, their answer to Amazon’s Echo.  Continue reading “Google Home, Pixel, and the Future of Search”