An Idea for a Silent Retreat

Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed between work, grad school, various volunteering commitments and trying to maintain healthy relationships with friends. Add to that the news cycle of the last year, and it’s easy to see why I’ve been feeling a little run-down. 

I’ve also, because of this fast-paced life I’m in the midst of, spent precious little time really appreciating much in the way of music or movies recently. So, I’m going to design a silent retreat, with media.

The “Retreat” Bit

The retreat part ought to be obvious; my energy is flagging, and I’d like a week or so to step away, slow down, and really recharge.  Continue reading “An Idea for a Silent Retreat”

Wrestling with Emptiness

I’m finding that I have a very complex relationship with emptiness. It’s an important, and inescapable, concept; yet, like many profound things, it’s subtle. I’ve found 2 types of emptiness: the vacuum, and openness. They aren’t easy to distinguish, and I’m frankly not sure which one is more intimidating. The vacuum is laziness, selfishness; it is drifting, letting one’s self slide along the path of least resistance. It feels good to coast for a while, but eventually I find myself being swallowed up in this nothingness.

The Nothing
The Nothing” from The Neverending Story was actually a wonderful metaphor for the vacuum.

This emptiness is abject passivity, because it’s easy. It takes no struggle, requires no action on my part. Just maintain. Continue reading “Wrestling with Emptiness”