About Louzander

John Alexander

My given name is John, but I have many nicknames; my internet moniker is Louzander. Currently I work as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst for a consulting firm, which means that I help companies to rank better in search engines, like Google. I’m also into art, web design, hanging out with my wife, traveling, bunnies, music, beer, and reading. (If you’re into reading, too, connect with me on Goodreads!)

Some other things I’ve done:

  • Gotten lost in the Alaskan wilderness
  • Taught American history to middle schoolers
  • Taken music lessons
  • Given music lessons
  • Given UP on music lessons
  • Tracked inventory for a small construction supply company in Anchorage
  • Worked in auto insurance claims
  • Run the LA Marathon
  • Made some awesome pies
  • Built this website

I’m also working on a novel, and learning woodworking. Building this website has been a fun excursion for me, and I plan to continue adding more content. If you have recommendations for the site, or questions about anything you’ve seen here, or simply need a friendly beneficiary for your sizable estate, feel free to contact me.

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @CallMeLouzander

Google+: JohnAlexanderish

Goodreads: John Alexander