The InkWell Hatchery

What Could This Sonorous Sobriguet Signify?

The Osgood Fictitious Dictionary defines an “Inkwell Hatchery” as “a confined space (as in a hutch or hovel) wherein any number of spooks, specters, stories and screeds are hatched out of the inkwell (whether liberal, metaphysical, or otherwise).” Much speculation has gone into whether what was meant was “literal, metaphorical, or otherwise,” but as the authors of the OFD have all gone into protective custody, no definitive conclusions can be drawn.

Malapropisms aside, however, the iHatch (I should  probably copyright that nickname before Apple gets into the competitive world of shipbuilding) is a phantasmagoria of stories, essays, drawings, and any other medium I can get my smallish, twitchy hands on. (It also serves as a display of my own web design capabilities as it’s completely my own work. More on that over at

I will soon be migrating my existing blog (which you can still see at to this spot.

In the meantime, take a look around. If you’re looking for something you don’t see, drop me a line. If you’re looking for Samantha, she moved, but she did ask me to tell you to stop calling her.

Old Pirate
“Bemused men tell long, rambling tales, matey!”

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